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I usually don’t write in English, but I’m hoping that my post would be read by as many travellers as possible. I am travelling for the second time in Asia: first time almost one month in Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and Cambodia and now just two weeks and a half in Bali. What surprised me than, and now I found it even more flagrant, are people eating French fries, burgers and pasta while they travel through Asia. It absolutely has no sense.

First, the Asian food is absolutely fantastic: lots of spices, fresh and very tasteful. I don’t see the point of flying half day or more, just to have the same food you would get at home, but worse.

The fact is that the Asians have no clue how to cook western food, they just guess. So don’t expect the same taste as back home.

Regarding the ingredients, I hope you realize they have to import most of them, so don’t count on something fresh, just picked from the market. So don’t be surprised if you get sick. God knows when the last ship came in.

Now, going back to the Asian food. I know many of you afraid of eating something they never ate before, but that’s the best part about travelling: learning. There is no way you could understand a people without eating their food. Just read a little bit about the specific of the local kitchen or ask your waiter about the specialties in the menu. They will be more than happy to serve you with their finest dishes. If you’re afraid of eating too spicy, just say so and they will prepare it without chili.

Going back to the prices, I have made a comparison between the price for a portion of French fries and one of fried rice or fried noodles. Guess what? For French fries you would pay around 2 dollars, while the fried rice is 4 dollars. Of course, beside the French fries you will need a steak and a salad, while the fried rice comes with vegetables, some chicken and fried egg, which is more than enough for a meal.

I rest my case here, and next time you want to order a burger or French fries, please at least consider choosing a local dish.

I wish you all good trips, no matter where you choose to travel.

Your feedback on this topic is much appreciated.

Here are some pictures with local dishes taken during my trips:

IMG_1152 IMG_1402 IMG_1406


IMG_9088 IMG_9089 IMG_9853