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There are a few things no one tells you before going to Asia, for example what kind of cloths you should pack and in which quantity. There are a couples of mistakes I did both first and second time (not the same, though) and I think maybe it worth sharing it with you.

First of all, it depends on the weather forecast and what kind of trip do you plan. I will take the most common example, of a sightseeing trip between Oct and March, when it’s pretty hot.

You will probably think of packing some short pans, short skirts, tanks and other beach style clothing. At least that’s what I did the first time, but it’s completely wrong. Choose some large long pants, linen clothing, and long skirts and pack a big scarf or a sarong. When visiting a temple your body should be fully covered. It’s good to have a sarong with you to cover just before entering the temple. And you should leave your shoes at the entrance, which becomes difficult if you are wearing sport shoes and socks, but a pair of sandals will make your life much easier.

Don’t pack too much, even if you travel for a month or more. Laundry is extremely cheap (starting with one dollar per kilogram). Every hotel has this facility, and if not, you can find laundries everywhere.

If you just feel you need more things, pack some old t-shirts which you won’t regret leaving behind after wearing a couples of times. But keep in mind that the Asians are very clean people and are often shocked by the neglecting apparel of Europeans.

Pack something for a night out. Not a smoking and a long evening dress, but a decent shirt and a flirty dress for dinner. Some bar and restaurants have a dress code and you can never know when you make some new friends and they invite you for dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Less, but not least, leave some space in your back pack for souvenirs and things you will be tempted to buy. Believe me, you won’t resist

Here is a short list of I think it is necessary and would keep you going for one week or two:

  • Linen pants
  • Long skirt
  • Long sleeve casual shirts
  • Some t-shirts
  • Sarong
  • A cardigan
  • A nice decent dress
  • Tops
  • bathing suit
  • sandals
  • espadrilles
  • a rain coat

Here are some photos with the items I used the most during my trips in Asia:


Your opinion is much appreciated. Share with us your tips & tricks regarding packing and choosing items to take during long trips in Asia.